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Photo-report of the CFB-12 Conference

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Thank you for your attandance! It was a great plesure and honor to host you in Cracow.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

You are welcome to Krakow to attend CFB-12. This is the first time for this series of conference to be held in Krakow. We are honored to be the host, particurarly, welcome you to the AGH University of Science and Technology.

CFB-12 is twelfth conference in a series following the success of the previous International Conferences on Circulating Fluidized Beds:

  • CFB-1, Halifax, Canada, 1985
  • CFB-2, Compiegne, France, 1988
  • CFB-3, Nagoya, Japan, 1990
  • CFB-4, Hidden Valley, USA, 1993
  • CFB-5, Beijing, China, 1996
  • CFB-6, Würzburg, Germany, 1999
  • CFB-7, Niagara Falls, Canada, 2002
  • CFB-8, Hangzhou, China, 2005
  • CFB-9, Hamburg, Germany, 2008
  • CFB-10, Sunriver, USA, 2011
  • CFB-11, Beijing, China, 2014


CFB-12 addresses both fundamental and applied aspects of circulating fluidized beds and fluidized bed systems, which covers e.g.,

  • Fluid dynamics of gas-solid flow
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Fine particle and nano-particle systems
  • Process design and scale-up
  • Measurements and instrumentation
  • Fluid catalytic cracking and other catalytic process
  • Combustion, pyrolysis and gasification
  • Looping processes
  • Industrial experience


In comparison to the themes of CFB-1, Halifax, 1985, we can easily recognize the development of CFB understanding. Thirty years ago, we debated whether or not clusters exist in CFBs while this phenomenon can be reproduced by computer simulation now. On the other hand, applications of CFB have been, and continue to be extended due to its super performance in gas-solid contacting.